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29 November 2006


Every now and then a so-called "meme" catches my eye. The word meme is supposed to mean:
      n : a cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior)
          that is passed from one generation to another by
          nongenetic means (as by imitation); "memes are the
          cultrual counterpart of genes"
but in reality tends to take the form of a link to a vaguely amusing web-site, often hosting some kind of quiz or test. The spread of a meme through the blogosphere can often be very rapid. I tend to come across them on There is certainly no element of passing from generation to generation!

Some guy is attempting to measure this wildfire phenomena by encouraging people to link to his article on the subject. Join in if you like!

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28 November 2006

New York

I've put up some of the pictures from my recent trip to New York. More to come I hope.... I had the most amazing time!

Brooklyn Bridge taken from Manhattan Bridge Brooklyn Bridge taken from Manhattan Bridge

360 on Brooklyn Bridge The reservoir in Central Park ny-viewfromESB2.jpg

View from Empire State Building A building in Manhattan

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