In order to make it as cheap & easy as possible to get the ringtone into your phone, each ringtone is displayed in a number of formats.
  • MIDI Preview - Enables you to hear what the ringtone will sound like. Should work with most computers & browsers. Uses a piano sound instead of a beep sound.
    MIDI files can also be imported into the Nokia PC Connection Suite Software, and loaded into (or sent from) a connected phone.
  • MP3 Preview - Similar to above, except uses a beep sound, and larger file size. May not work on as many computers.
  • Musical Score - This is a (computer generated) image of the musical notation of the ringtone. If you are musical, you can play this on a musical instrument, or use it with phones with a composer incompatible with the nokia one.
  • Nokia Composer Onscreen view - This is how the ringtone should appear in the Nokia Composer, keep an eye on this when you type in the ringtone.
  • Nokia Composer Keypresses - This is the sequence of keypresses required to generate the ringtone. See below.
  • RTTTL - Ringtone Text Transfer Language - This is a way of representing ringtones in simple text invented by nokia. It may be useful in third party tools.

Nokia Composer (based on Nokia 3310)

To add a ringtone to your phone:
  • Start the composer. (Menu | Tones | Composer)
  • Pick a slot. The 3310 can store upto 7 ringtones. Older Nokias have only one. Others may vary.
  • Enter the ringtone. The quickest way to do this is using the key-press version of a tone. Note, that to get 'dotted' notes, you need to press and hold the key. (It doesn't actually tell you this in the instructions for the phone) This is shown on the key-press view as 4= meaning press and hold key 4.
  • Check the ringtone sounds as you expect. (Options | Play). If not:
    • Change the tempo. The tempo for a particular tune seems to be a matter of taste.
    • Check the tune against the 'visual' version of this page. You can scroll through the tune using the < > keys. You should be able to correct simple mistakes by deleting the incorrect note (c) and then re-entering. Keys 1-7 do the notes "cdefgab". (remember press and hold for dotted). 8 & 9 change the length, and * the octave. # makes it sharp, and 0 is a rest.
  • Save the ringtone. You should give it a sensible name. (Options | Save)
  • Exit the composer (Options | Exit or press and hold (c) twice)
  • Choose it as your ringtone (Menu | Tones | Ringing Tone)

Nokia PC Connection Suite and other software

If you have an nokia phone with infra-red (IR) and an IRDA enabled computer (typically laptops, or PDA's such as Palm Pilots), or a suitable data-cable, then you may be able to transfer a ringtone using the Nokia PC Connection Suite software, (or similar software for PDA's). You will probably want to look at the nokia forum (although they keep moving the actual software - good luck.

Requesting Tones by SMS

Most phones can also receive ringtones by SMS. If you have a phone without a composer, and you do not have access to the Nokia PC Connection Suite, then this is the easiest way to get a ringtone to your phone.

Simply enter your phone number into the form at the bottom of each page, and a request will be sent to me for the ringtone. It costs me 8p per ringtone to a UK mobile, so it may depend what mood I am in.

Any problems send me an e-mail.

Please feel free to share these ringtones with your friends, church, youth group etc. but remember, the original author of the tune (Graham Kendrick & posse) put in a great deal of hard work to write the tunes, so don't try and sell these tones for money!

If you enjoy these tones send me an e-mail!