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Thu May 26 22:22:07 BST 2005

Making History

Making History
  • Author: Stephen Fry
  • 574 pages
  • ISBN:0-09-945706-7

I got this book for my birthday from my Sister, and was initially sceptical due to the lead character being a PhD student who is sadly delusioned about how good is thesis is. However, the book is a pretty light read, and has provided more than it's share of escapism. The plot is compelling, and Stephen Fry uses an interesting combination of styles to tell the story.

Rating: 4/5

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Thu May 26 20:16:26 BST 2005

Time to smarten up my website

Well, I've had a rudimentary website since 1996 I reckon, long before the term blog even came into being. I've always been happy to do it the homebrew way, but I thought I'd give something a bit more polished a go. This is nanoblogger which seemed to meet my requirements.
we shall see....

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