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02 November 2005

Spam, spam, glorious spam

My spam folder now contains 50,000 junk e-mail messages. This works out at 83 messages a day or one message everry 17 minutes, since I started automatically filtering spam messages back in March 2004 (600 days ago).

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02 November 2005

Freecell ban

A number of people seem to have noticed that I've developed a bit of a freecell addiction lately, and to be honest over a hundred games in less than three weeks is probably getting a bit obsessive. So given the short amount of time I have left on my PhD, and the general arm twisting and guilt trips of various people I've self-imposed a ban on freecell (and any similar type of distraction that I know I'm bound to replace it with). :-(

In case you are wondering, I managed 86% wins, with a longest winning streak of 20 games and longest losing streak of 2. Statistically, (again using my losely remembered A-level Maths) that means the 95% confidence interval for my success rate is 79% to 92% (also it's more likely that I'm worse than 86% than better than it)

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