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20 January 2006

New job

The other big news in my life right now, is that I have started a new job for Buro Happold in Bath. My job title is `Analyst' but I'm basically working as a computer programmer with a bit of structural engineering thrown into the mix.

As I haven't yet found somewhere to live, I've been staying in the YMCA, so haven't had real Internet access. I finally installed nanoblogger at work so I could update my blog, but it runs like a dog under cygwin, so I may not be making that many updates.

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20 January 2006


Well, for those of you completely out of the loop, I have now (well actually two weeks ago - but I haven't been able to blog about it because I've been busy moving and starting a new job) completed and submitted my PhD thesis.

In all it took 1637 days, and contained 333 pages. I could give you more statistics, but I think you'd just label me as a nerd. Depending on whose version of time you consider, I was somewhere between 18 months late and 21 minutes early.

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