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12 December 2006

Christmas party 2006

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12 December 2006

New online photo album

I'm attempting to make it easier for myself to add groups of photos to my website. Basically I want something that will, given a directory of photos, create thumbnails, html pages etc. and so on with a minimum of effort from me. To be honest, I virtually had this already, using imagemagick's convert and identify utilities. Anyway, after rejecting anything that required a database, php, ruby (seems like overkill to me for a static bunch of photos), I've settled on jigl.

It was nothing particularly glamourous, but it worked out of the box, and was simple to tweak to my needs.

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05 December 2006

New Computer

My new pcAfter a slightly reckless late-nate ebay purchase, I'm now the proud owner of a new computer. It cost me 150 quid, which I suppose is a pretty good price.

The main reason for the purchase was to get something quieter and less power-hungry that I don't feel guilty about leaving on all the time.


  • 1 GHz Nehemiah C3
  • 512mb RAM (incl. shared graphics)
  • 100Gb hard drive (acquired from the long defunct penrah)
  • runs off 12v (60w) external power supply

As I gave it penrah's hard drive, it has effectively become penrah. I think a new name is in order though (penrah was assigned by UoN, so I don't have much attachment to it). Any suggestions? Previous computer names are Shakespeare, Euclid and Möbius.

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