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06 June 2006

Chupa Chop

Lots of lolly Woo!! Doing a google search for Chupa Chop brings up my web page!!!

This is due to my blog entry about the joy of unrolling the paper stick after sucking the loly.


It's been pointed out that part of the reason for this is that the correct spelling is "Chupa Chup". I guess that answers my original question, and sets me a challenge to make my site interesting enough to be first google hit for a real term. I'm not even top hit for "Robert Hart Phd"

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06 June 2006


Kedgeree I had a go at cooking the Kedgeree recipe out of the book Sally gave me for my birthday. I used Haddock instead of Salmon fillet, because a) it's slightly cheaper, and b) it has the words "Don't Panic" printed on the cover in friendly letters... Oops! I mean b) it's more authentic to what I think of as Kedgeree.

I think it's the first time I've ever cooked fish (not counting prawns or fish fingers) so I was a bit nervous, but the recipe was surprisingly easy, and the most exotic ingredient was fish stock cubes - which I can cope with because I don't need to think up a way to use the remainder.

Rating: 9/10 (according to Chanch, who is never wrong)

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07 November 2005

Guy Fawkes Night

Mushy peas We went over to the firework display on the Forest Rec on Saturday, and apart from the excellent "firework extravaganza", the highlight has to be the food. If memory serves I got through a portion of mushy peas (with loads of mint sauce), a hot dog (with completely caramelised onions, ketchup, and mustard), a corn on the cob (with lots of butter, and just the right amount of salt), and a few roast chestnuts (definitely the most disappointing - I reckon they were undercooked)... oh and I have a toffee apple in the fridge, which I'm hoping hasn't gone bad yet. Not sure how much that all cost, probably less than £10 I reckon.

The whole thing was somewhat marred by some idiot letting off a firework in the crowd right behind me. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

Also I'm pretty impressed that any photo website has a category: Home > Food and drink > Vegetables > Greens. Bonkers!!!

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15 August 2005

A child at 27

lots of yummy lollies Why is it I still find great delight in being able to unroll the stick from a Chupa Chop lolly when I'm 27? Why for that matter do I still get great delight in eating them?
Also why can't I find a chupa chop website?

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31 May 2005

Sliced Egg

Mum made some kind of layered dish out of the left over roast beef, egg, onions, and potatoes. Was excellent. Reminded me of the sausage pie that Penny used to make that also had sliced egg in it. Will have to investigate further, see if I can find some recipes.

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