What A Faithful God Have I

Copyright:1988 Robert and Dawn Critchley

Suggested tempo: 100
Suggested name: faithful


Midi MP3 Musical Score (image)

Instruction (Nokia compatible composer)

4.e1 8e1 8f1
16e1 8.f1 8g1
4g1 4f1 4e1 8-
16e1 16g1 8a1
8a1 8a1 8g1
16g1 2e1 8e1
8.f1 8.f1 8g1
4.d1 8c1 8.e1
8.e1 8e1 8f1
16e1 8.f1 8g1
4g1 4f1 4e1 8e1
8g1 8f1 16e1
8.d1 8c1 4.d1
8c1 2c1

3= 38 4
38 4=9 5
59 4 3 08
388 5 69
6 6 5
58 3999 388
4= 4= 5
2=9 18 3=
3= 3 4
38 4=9 5
59 4 3 38
5 4 38
2=9 1 2=9
18 199

NB - The above keypresses have been tested on a Nokia 3310, and should work for any phone with a nokia compatible composer. see Detailed Instructions

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