I Cannot Tell

Copyright:Traditional Melody (LONDONDERRY AIR)

Suggested tempo: 90
Suggested name: icannottell


Midi MP3 Musical Score (image)

Instruction (Nokia compatible composer)

8e1 8f1 8g1 4.a1
8g1 8a1 8d2 8c2
8a1 8g1 8f1 4.d1
8f1 8a1 8#a1
4.c2 8d2 8c2 8a1
8f1 8a1 2g1 8-
8e1 8f1 8g1 4.a1
8g1 8a1 8d2 8c2
8a1 8g1 8f1 4d.1
8c1 8d1 8e1 8f1
8g1 4.a1 8#a1
8a1 8g1 8f1 8g1
2.f1 2-
38 4 5 6=9
58 6 2* 1
6** 5 4 2=9
48 6 6#
1=*9 28 1 6**
4 6 599 088
388 4 5 6=9
58 6 2* 1
6** 5 4 2=9
18 2 3 4
5 6=9 6#8
6 5 4 5
4=99 0

NB - The above keypresses have been tested on a Nokia 3310, and should work for any phone with a nokia compatible composer. see Detailed Instructions

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