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07 September 2005

Image reconstruction

Reconstituted poster

This is my attempt to solve the LGP competition where an extra pixel is revealed in this image every second.

I'm not sure what it is. It appears to be a 4x4 grid of sub-images that I haven't worked out exactly how to rearrange, but there are various things that looks sort of "space flight-ish" could be my imagination tho.

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07 September 2005

200 page landmark

My PhD thesis has finally hit the 200 page mark! The graph below shows the progress since the start of the year, when it was just above the 100 page mark. (The word count is a little bit approximate because it's just a wc -w on the tex source.)

There's now very little left unwritten (just things like the conclusions that you're meant to leave til the end) but lots of little bits that could do with some polish and plenty of proofreading.

Anyone care to guess the final page count? Sweapstake?

Line graph showing rise to 200 pages over time

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